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Fold T-shirts in 3 seconds. It’s not a trick of the light, that’s really how fast it is, if you follow our guidance below.

Life is too short to spend unnecessary time at home with the washing, isn’t it? So we have a great tip for you today that will make it easier to fold your T-shirts. The main advantage is not only that it’s so quick, but also that the T-shirts are stacked together so neatly that they look like the ones in the shop. You know, where the t-shirts lie together so nearly, that every wardrobe is green with envy.

And it’s as easy as this:

Lay the t-shirt open in front of you. Pick up the right upper corner with your thumb and forefinger, roughly where your heart is. With the other hand, pick up the t-shirt parallel to this, roughly 10cm underneath this, above the bottom of the t-shirt. Now turn both of your hands to the left, your left hand over the right to the underside of the t-shirt, and hold this firmly between your forefinger and middle finger. Now you need to move your right hand with the t-shirt outwards, shake it once, and lay it over the other half – done.

Okay, maybe that was a bit theoretical… here is an instruction video.