DIY at the breakfast table – make your own muesli.


Today nutrition is literally on everybody’s lips. It should be healthy and good. And of course it has to taste good too. Our tip: Muesli always tastes a little bit better when you make it yourself!

More and more people are (again) reaching for fresh ingredients, making their own meals and paying attention to what they are eating and where it comes from. The do-it-yourself or DIY trend has become an approach to life that expresses the expectation of quality and individuality.

An emperor in the morning, a king at noon and a beggar in the evening.

We have all heard the many myths about eating. Whereby the emperor’s breakfast does not have to be extremely opulent and fill you up completely, on the contrary. It means that we treat ourselves to something that helps give us a good start to the day. Filling the energy tank, waking up the metabolism and making us ready to perform. A breakfast with fibre and brain-food – muesli! And it’s best when it’s homemade!

Mix it yourself!

When it comes to flavour, there is no end to the selection of muesli mixes and muesli types in supermarkets. But when you look at the fine print on the back of the package you quickly notice: It could be better and healthier. The homemade version is usually less expensive too!
So: Mix your own DIY-muesli according to your own personal taste. Treat yourself to a change and try something new. Fresh seasonal fruit instantly gives homemade muesli a vitamin boost and agave syrup, maple syrup, bourbon vanilla and the like give it a sweet flavour kick.

Even when you have to be on your way quickly in the morning, as is often the case: Take the time to cut some fruit into your muesli. It’s worth it. You can get the “lost” time back using our practical dispenser jean. Because there is hardly anything that it does not reliably store and then dispense when needed. Open, pour out, enjoy! Always a perfect portion and absolutely crunchy!

Are you a muesli-newbie? Here are two suggestions for beginners:

For your sweet tooth:

A mix of fine oat flakes, crunchy spelt (unsweetened) and some puffed spelt (unsweetened) is simply delicious. Chopped almonds, ground flax seed or coconut flakes are the perfect addition. Apple pieces, raspberries and strawberries are also perfect in your DIY-muesli! Just add a knife tip of bourbon vanilla to sweeten – and enjoy!

For fans of crispiness:

Mix oat and spelt flakes, add flax seeds and roasted soy seeds, almonds and walnuts, plus a mix of sunflower, pumpkin and pine nut seeds. Mix well, and your delicious, homemade, crunchy DIY-muesli is ready!