Decorate your rooms with less

Decorate stylishly with colourful Accessoires.

When it comes to decorating, there are a few basic tips that help us to stay stylish whilst being creative.

One thing is true: If you like it then go for it. Ultimately it is our home that we are decorating. Therefore the most important thing is that we feel at home.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

When it comes decorating, it’s about finding the right balance. It often doesn’t take much to make your home feel cosy rather than impersonal. Even just a few plants, a rug, a couple of cushions and one or two pictures can make your home look more cosy.

Colour as an eye catcher

Colour is an important part of decorating. In particular, furnishings that are neutral in colour gain character and personality when combined with single bursts of colour. Bright cushions, colourful decorative boxes – and already home feels much cosier. It’s important that the new decorative colours appear frequently in the room. Spread the ‘bursts of colour’ in a number of different places: Hang matching coloured pictures, find matching cushions, perhaps a small rug, colour coordinated decorative boxes, flowerpots etc. In our example, we put the colored lifestyle box “lotta” on the white shelves.


Lifestyle-boxes in matching decorative colour are a modern home accessories. (

Tip: Look for one or two decorative colours that are current and that you’ve seen in interior design shops. That way you can be sure of being able to find accessories in the same shade.

For example rooms that are white, cream or light grey can go very well with rosy pink shades. Accessories made from natural materials, bamboo, wicker or wooden furniture can create additional comfort. Other eye-catching colours like aquamarine, petrol, gold or yellow can make a room appear modern and homely.



The colorful lifestyle boxes “lotta” are stylish and practical.


Black & White

Black and white furnishings are very trendy at the moment. They are often not combined with a strong contrasting colour but rather with different black and white patterns (for example on cushion covers, rugs or duvets). To ensure it doesn’t appear too wild, you can combine grey and blue tones or natural materials with it.



Pictures or photos on the wall

Every house should have pictures on the wall. Whether you go for a framed picture from a gallery, a simple poster on the wall or a collection of family photos, it’s a matter of personal taste. Pictures that hang together look nice when they follow the same colour scheme.

Here are a few more mistakes to avoid when it comes to decorating

  1. Don’t forget any Rooms
    To ensure the right overall impression in your home, no room should be forgotten. So try and decorate the hallway a little too. A picture and a small rug can often make a big difference.
  2. Create yourself a concept:
    Which colours should be used to decorate, how do the pre-existing colours (for example flooring, walls and sofa) match the additional decorative colour?
  3. Decorating without overloading:
    Be careful that rooms don’t become overloaded with decoration and colour. Too much decoration can quickly make your home look like a jumble sale.
  4.  Neatness is key when it comes to decoration:
    Your lovingly chosen decorative items and colour concept only really come in to their own when your home is neat and tidy. The eye should not be distracted by areas of mess and neglect. Decorative boxes and bins can provide a quick solution to this whilst looking nice at the same time.
  5. Which colour for the room:
    Remember that the darkness of colour used in your rooms can affect how big the rooms look. In general, dark colours absorb the light and make your room look not only darker but also appear smaller. In contrast, light tones make a room appear larger.



The great thing about decoration: If it doesn’t look good or you get fed up with the colours then you can undo it without too much hassle and choose a new style. Keep on decorating!