comfort food 4.0

“Who has been eating from my plate?” Just like the second dwarf in Snow White, every employee has definitely asked themselves the same question when it comes to the joys of a communal fridge. From your favourite chocolate to fresh fruits to vanilla pudding, things often disappear from the fridge as if by magic.

The motto “he who seeks shall find” applies here … the empty pot of your favourite yoghurt is usually found on a colleague’s desk or in the bin later.

And if that wasn’t depressing enough, you are also not immune from the extremely helpful lines from colleagues. Comments such as “I thought it was for everyone” or “There was no name on it, sorry” are quite frankly difficult to digest on an empty stomach.

That is why it has to stop! mia will solve the problem and keep the peace amongst colleagues. Quickly write your name on the box and your lunch will be permanently protected against any raids from the outside. Because as they say – it belongs to the person who writes their name on it first. So there is no chance of a mix up. And the same still applies if everyone all at once acquires the same taste and buys themselves a mia. It is actually personalised.

And that’s not all: our mia is available in 17 different sizes. Whether it is a round or square container, every tasty treat has its place – from Molly’s baby carrots to Gabi’s goulash.

For those of you who like to precook your food, there is more good news. mia’s last name is polar and that of course means that mia is also a freezer container. Simply write on it what’s in it and you will not defrost the bolognese instead of the pepper soup again, guaranteed.

And as modest as mia “polar” is despite its unbeatable strengths, it does not take up too much space because it is compact and can be stacked.

And one more little tip: write Healthy Greens on the container and put it in the office fridge. It more or less boils down to the name as to whether it will be taken. In other words: simply never write comfort food, chocolate or Gran’s homemade cake on it.