Come on, kids, we’re playing tidy up!

Playful tidying even makes it fun for reluctant children. Here are five suggestions for (more) order in the kid’s room.

1. Create zones.
Split the kid’s room into three or four areas. Depending on how the room is organised and how old the child is, this can be a work and drawing area, a reading corner, a play corner, and maybe a dressing area.

2. Establish rules.
Children need established rules. These should be as simple and understandable as possible. One rule could be: Clothing is never left lying around. It either goes in the cupboard or in the laundry basket.

3. Develop tidying rituals and habits.
Make the last game of the day a tidying up game. Dolls go home (in the doll corner, the doll bed etc.), park the cars – neatly. If all the Lego blocks are picked up within three minutes, then two chapters can be read as a bedtime story. If a puzzle hasn’t been completed, make it clear that it can stay there until the next day.

Children are not naturally untidy – they just understand order differently from adults. Explain to them why it is useful to tidy one game away before taking out the next one. Do not expect too much from your child and help them to tidy up, or at least be with them and motivate them.

4. Tidying up is not a punishment!
Communicate to your child that tidying up is not a punishment or a chore, but is in fact part of the game.

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