clean space = clean mind: the best way to organise your desk!

we all know those days where nothing at work seems to go as we intended. thousands of thoughts racing through our heads, and our concentration keeps on getting worse. however, this low is perfect for taking a little orientation break. today, true to the motto of “clean space = clean mind“, we would like to present the best tips to help you to declutter your desk and clear your head before pressing the reset button again.

In three simple steps, you can completely reorganise your desk, before resuming work with a clear head.

ready, set – go!

Before starting with the organisation, ideally, we recommend starting with a fixed timeframe and that you set an alarm, e.g. for an hour. This way you remain focussed and don’t get side-tracked by other things while tidying up. Once this is completed, you can go back to work, feeling nice and refreshed.

the personal touch.

We still have a little “deco” tip for you: give your workplace a personal touch and decorate it with subtle elements like a few flowers, photos or other pretty things. In addition to motivating you, these little touches immediately give you a good feeling. However, don’t forget: “less is more”.

out of sight, out of mind.

Generally speaking, we all know how to tidy up: Sort out what you don’t need and re-organise the rest. These are the basics. However, we would still like to recommend the following: Only put the necessary things on your desk and clear everything else into the drawers, cupboards, etc. With jonas, you have an organizational aid that doesn’t only look chic but also saves space. Further down, we will show you the best way to use it.

Rosy, the blogger and DIY expert from started thinking about the organisation of her own desk and used our jonas stacking baskets for this. jonas now helps her keep here desk drawers tidy.
Thanks to practical DIY shelf separators, even little things that else often end up lying around are now organised really well. In a practical tutorial, Rosy shows you how you make these separators.

You need:
Storage basket “jonas
Coloured construction paper / cardboard
A pair of scissors
A ruler
A spreading knife / a folding stick
A pencil

Start off by cutting the coloured construction paper into the right form.

Length = length of the basket base + 10 cm
Width = width of the basket base

Now draw a middle line down the length and divide the desired separators vertically (you can pick the size yourself, depending on your needs). Then draw the area for the separating wall as shown on the picture, in each case with the height of your basket (here it is 5 cm).

Use a ruler + a spreading knife to fold it along the blue lines.

Add a “mountain fold”.

Cut into the red line and shift the blue lines together, so that you get a wall with a slit.

The elongated divider has the length of the base of the basket. The width is the height of the wall, which is 5 cm with jonas.

Slide the divider through the slit, possibly still adjusting everything a little bit until it fits perfectly.


A big thank you to Rosy for this DIY tip. <3

We still have a last tip for you to ensure that your working day is really productive: indulge in little breaks! Especially in the office and when working on the computer, it’s really important to get a clear head from time to time. We recommend you simply stand up, stretch and go to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea.

It is also important for your eyes to look away from the screen from time to time. So look around and see if you don’t have tasks during your daily work that don’t necessarily have to be done at the desk, and then look for a quieter place outside your office to do these.
The change of scenery is good for you, and sometimes a little change in perspective is really worth a lot.

Have fun trying.