Tips for a relaxed and stress-free Christmas time

The run-up to Christmas can sometimes be stressful. How can we ensure that the festive season becomes a time for reflection and relaxation?

mother and child are baking cakes for christmas


Christmas is coming closer; we have therefore compiled the perfect to-do list for an atmospheric Advent season. Lots of tea and candlelight? Of course! However, we will also give you a few more tips on how to make Christmas special.

1. Give someone an Advent calendar or/and treat yourself to one

You should already start to consider the right choice of Advent calendar in November: they are for sale everywhere in the run-up to Christmas. Crafting is a wonderful way to get you into the mood. Learn here how easy it is to make your own Advent calendar.

DIY Advent calendar made with food containers.
Make a DIY Advent calendar in next to no time with our “fredo-fresh” containers.


2. Bake biscuits

Wintertime is baking time! Especially during the pre-Christmas season, we adore the smell of homemade biscuits. Baking is creative and fun; particularly children love making their own Christmas treats. However, what is even more enjoyable is gifting them to others. Whether colleagues, friends or family – everyone appreciates a tasty treat.

Three Girls are baking biscuits
Baking biscuits is simply a must in the run-up to Christmas, and even more fun with our “mariella” mixing bowls. (


3. Festive decorations

How about an Advent wreath? Festive decorations signal the start of the Advent season and make children anticipate Christmas with even more excitement. Candlelight and a few decorations are often all that’s needed to create a Christmas atmosphere. There are arrangements featuring candles, wreaths and special Advent arrangements to suit any taste. Give your home a festive atmosphere and revel in pre-Christmas cosiness with fresh fir sprigs or seasonal home scents. Set the mood with candles and fairy lights. First of all, take stock of all of the Christmas decorations you have collected over the years and decide what you want to decorate and how you want to decorate it. The “wika” Christmas box is perfect for storing your accumulated decorations and sorting them according to colour.

Christmas decorations stored in a storage box
Safely store your Christmas decorations and keep them tidy in our Christmas box “wika”


4. Watch Christmas movies

On a cold and rainy Sunday, you can’t do anything better than watch a Christmas movie to get you in the mood for the festive season. Get comfy on the sofa with your friends and family; drink some nice tea or mulled wine and feel the Christmas atmosphere build up as you watch a classic Christmas film.


5. Write a Christmas wish list

Nothing beats excitedly looking forward to Christmas: children love writing a wish list for Father Christmas and his busy elves. How about writing a wish list for your partner or for yourself? You could include more than just material things. Do you have any private or professional goals you would like to achieve?


6. DIY presents

Giving presents to people during the Christmas season is a lovely tradition. However, what kind of presents should you give to people; what does anyone actually still need, these days? A small handmade gift made with love shows your appreciation. You can find more ideas on Pinterest, for example.

hand crafted presents
There are so many ways to show others that you love and appreciate them. How about making chilli salt (here in dispenser “bruni” ) or a homemade liqueur as a gift?


7. Go for walks

Wrap up well at the weekend and stroll across a Christmas market for a couple of hours. If you prefer less hustle and bustle, go for a walk in a park or a forest. The cool air will clear your mind, and will make coming home afterwards feel twice as nice!

8. Go to the cinema, for a meal or to a concert

Treat yourself to something. Enjoy the latest Disney movie with the kids or go to a concert. Especially quiet events with classical music, gospel or soul put us in the mood for Christmas. Go for an Italian meal with your best friend, or visit your favourite restaurant with your loved ones. Good conversations whilst enjoying good food belong to life’s treats – not only during the festive season, of course!

9. Plan your Christmas celebrations

To make sure that the last few days before Christmas don’t end up being stressful and chaotic after all, you should note down a few things in writing: Who is getting which present? How will it be wrapped? Is the shopping list for your Christmas lunch or dinner ready? What can you prepare in advance?

See our blog post on how to get cosy in winter for more ideas.

Keep calm and enjoy Christmas time!