5 tips for an organized household

With a few basic rules you can easily keep your apartment in order. If you follow these 5 tips, you will soon find that a tidy household is easy to achieve. All it takes is the will to change and a little self-discipline.

Plenty of space in the workshop, basement and garage at last

Finally space in workshop, cellar and Garage The garage and cellar are often designed to provide storage space for bulky equipment and objects. Sometimes a workshop can also be set up there. But what is the best way to organize the room?

keep on creating: how to make your own modelling clay

modelling clay is easy to make yourself; almost everyone has the natural ingredients required for the purpose in their kitchens. in this way, a rainy ...

keep on cooking: how to cook your own baby food

once your baby is between four and six months old, it will be time for the first solid foods. although a large selection of jarred baby foods is available, ...

finally a well-organised wardrobe

we have prepared a number of useful organisation hacks for your wardrobe.

keep your car clean and organized – it’s simple

today it’s all about a practical companion in our daily lives – the folding box. surely, everyone has got at least one of these useful helpers at home. particularly in the car they are very helpful. why and how? we are about to show you – just keep on reading.

spring-cleaning in your beauty area!

the cold season will be coming to an end soon. for organizing-freaks this can only mean one thing: it’s finally time for a decent spring-cleaning!

Knitting and crocheting – how to store your wool correctly.

Knitting and crocheting are currently back in trend - in particular with young people.

Organise and store tools: robert & roberta make the perfect couple.

When their tools and materials are well organised, those who love crafts and making things save lots of time on preparation and can concentrate on the job in hand right away.

So long, winter – hello, spring!

At last. Spring is kicking in. The air's getting warmer, the grass is greener, and clothes are more colourful. And on that note ... Isn't this a good opportunity to update your wardrobe? Out with the winter stuff, in with the summer gear!