The right way to do your laundry

The right way to do your laundry: How to sort your clothes and choose the correct temperature setting and detergent

spring cleaning in 7 steps

did you know that the month of february is named after the spring clean? the latin word ‘februare’ can be translated as ‘purification’. we’ve put together the 7 most important steps for a successful spring clean.

keep it easy everyday: everyday tips for mums

kids turn our world upside down. We have to put our own wishes and needs on the back burner, because something or – to be more exact – someone else has now taken centre stage. as wonderful and colourful as everyday life as a mum might be ...

how to pimp your washing machine, or: the end of boring laundry

we prepared a creative and colourful lifehack on the topic of “washing laundry” for you. stay tuned.

Existing Envelope.

Fold T-shirts in 3 seconds. It’s not a trick of the light, that’s really how fast it is...