Expecting your first baby – what’s inside baby’s first room?

When expecting a baby, you should make sure you set up the nursery before giving birth. Of course, it should be beautiful and homey, but there are also some points that you need to pay attention to.

How about a camping holiday?

Camping – here today, somewhere else tomorrow! If you are well-organised and are also able to improvise, a camping holiday is a truly relaxing experience. . If everything has a home and even the smallest corners are utilised, you don't have to unpack everything every evening and can simply arrive at your destination and relax. Autosleepers are usually equipped with pull-out storage systems. Many things can be handily stored there in storage boxes (for example the transport box "robert").

Dog food storage – how to keep dog food fresh

Dog food is like all food: if it isn't stored properly, it goes off faster or attracts unwanted parasites. Besides this, although dog noses love the smell of their food, humans find its strong odour rather unpleasant. However, what's the best way to store dog food? First of all, the type of dog food already makes a difference. Wet food should be stored in a different way to dry food

What should you do with leftover food?

Is freezing a safe solution? What food is suitable for freezing?

Home detox – six practical tips for decluttering & tidying up

What is unnecessary and can go? First of all, you have to spot the unnecessary things that make it more difficult to keep your home tidy. Usually, these are things like objects, clothes or books we don't use and don't actually need. Junk and useless things are often not just shoved into cupboards or under the bed but also soon clutter up valuable space in hallways and basements ...

Create your own advent calendar

How about a colourful advent calendar that can be hung decoratively on the wall & can come out again next year? With a bit of skill you can create it.

Decorate your rooms with less

When it comes to decorating, there are a few basic tips that help us to stay stylish whilst being creative.

keep on creating: how to make your own modelling clay

modelling clay is easy to make yourself; almost everyone has the natural ingredients required for the purpose in their kitchens. in this way, a rainy ...

keep on cooking: how to cook your own baby food

once your baby is between four and six months old, it will be time for the first solid foods. although a large selection of jarred baby foods is available, ...

keep on styling: “pastel colours” home trends

welcome in the spring and decorate your home in trendy pastel tones. the rumour persists that pastel colours are for girls. but these ice cream colours offer so much more!