Simply clean: clever & natural household tips for a clean home

There are a few simple tricks you can use to keep your microwave, fridge, ect in order. We will tell you how to clean and organise your kitchen fast and easy. Sometimes simple ingredients like lemon or salt are very functional cleaning supplies.

Tips for more sustainability in your everyday life

Living sustainably means conserving resources. But what does sustainable living look like in our everyday life? Overall we produce too much waste in western countries. Single-use products, unnecessary packaging and food that is thrown away because it has spoiled. The avoidance of waste and the re-use of raw materials through recycling are important aspects of combating this!

Dog food storage – how to keep dog food fresh

Dog food is like all food: if it isn't stored properly, it goes off faster or attracts unwanted parasites. Besides this, although dog noses love the smell of their food, humans find its strong odour rather unpleasant. However, what's the best way to store dog food? First of all, the type of dog food already makes a difference. Wet food should be stored in a different way to dry food

What should you do with leftover food?

Is freezing a safe solution? What food is suitable for freezing?

keep on creating: how to make your own modelling clay

modelling clay is easy to make yourself; almost everyone has the natural ingredients required for the purpose in their kitchens. in this way, a rainy ...

keep on cooking: how to cook your own baby food

once your baby is between four and six months old, it will be time for the first solid foods. although a large selection of jarred baby foods is available, ...

jonas and paola really have your kitchen under control!

cooking can be such fun, but you need the right ingredients for this. what to do, though, when your supply cabinet is completely unorganised, and you no longer know whether you have enough flour, tomato concentrate, etc.?

DIY at the breakfast table – make your own muesli.

Today nutrition is literally on everybody's lips. It should be healthy and good. And of course it has to taste good too. Our tip: Muesli always tastes a little bit better when you make it yourself!

comfort food 4.0

“Who has been eating from my plate?” Just like the second dwarf in Snow White, every employee has definitely asked themselves the same question when it comes to the joys of a communal fridge.