clean space = clean mind: the best way to organise your desk!

we all know those days where nothing at work seems to go as we intended. thousands of thoughts racing through our heads, and our concentration keeps on getting worse. however, this low is perfect for taking a little orientation break. today, true to the motto of “clean space = clean mind“,

1 product, 5 styles – lotta is tidying up the room

what has been practised in perfection in the fashion world for a very long time, also works indoors, when it comes to our organization aids.

potty training with keeeper

suddenly the time has come… faster than you think. we’re talking about the time after nappies when our little ones get bigger and start their potty training.

finally a well-organised wardrobe

we have prepared a number of useful organisation hacks for your wardrobe.

baby check list for parents-to-be

the time with the first baby is like an emotional roller coaster. it’s exciting and thrilling, stressful and therapeutic, challenging and inspiring.

say goodbye to tangled cables with robert!

struggling with tangled cables? unfortunately, this happens very often with the amount of cables that accumulate in our homes over the years. if you had enough, we will show you how to get rid of the tangles!

spring-cleaning in your beauty area!

the cold season will be coming to an end soon. for organizing-freaks this can only mean one thing: it’s finally time for a decent spring-cleaning!

Is it cold outside? Make it really comfortable for yourself inside!

Winter time. Outside it is cold, wet, dark – simply unpleasant. We just want to withdraw as much as possible into our own four walls

Organise and store tools: robert & roberta make the perfect couple.

When their tools and materials are well organised, those who love crafts and making things save lots of time on preparation and can concentrate on the job in hand right away.

The perfect use for storage space under the bed.

You can never have enough storage space. It doesn't matter how big your flat or house is, somehow there is never enough space. Because necessity is the mother of invention, with paul, we have come up with an ingenious solution for making the best use of a little extra storage space: under the bed.