Come on, we’re having a birthday party

Birthdays are always an important day for every child. But they’re even better when friends and family come to the party and have just as much fun as the birthday boy or girl. With a bit of planning and organisation, a child's birthday party can turn into an unforgettable event. It’s a good idea to prepare some party games to make sure the little ones don’t get bored.

Recycling at home – optimum waste separation with the right bins

With the right bins and containers, waste separation is easy and effective. Using the right containers also keeps everything hygienic and clean. You should have bins for non-recyclable household waste, containers for collecting recyclable materials as well as hygienic containers for organic waste in your home.

Springtime is gardening time

In the spring, it seems as if nature is just waiting for someone to give the signal for the gardening season to begin.

What should you do with leftover food?

Is freezing a safe solution? What food is suitable for freezing?

Home detox – six practical tips for decluttering & tidying up

What is unnecessary and can go? First of all, you have to spot the unnecessary things that make it more difficult to keep your home tidy. Usually, these are things like objects, clothes or books we don't use and don't actually need. Junk and useless things are often not just shoved into cupboards or under the bed but also soon clutter up valuable space in hallways and basements ...

Safer water fun for tiny ones

Many parents of babies are uncertain and question what is the correct way to bathe their baby. When, how long and how often can I bathe my baby and what baths are they safe in? We give you answers.

Create your own advent calendar

How about a colourful advent calendar that can be hung decoratively on the wall & can come out again next year? With a bit of skill you can create it.

Decorate your rooms with less

When it comes to decorating, there are a few basic tips that help us to stay stylish whilst being creative.

The right way to do your laundry

The right way to do your laundry: How to sort your clothes and choose the correct temperature setting and detergent

urban gardening – box gardening

grow tomatoes & salads yourself with the “robert” transport basket