How about a camping holiday?

Whether in a tent, a camper van or a luxury caravan: an increasing number of people holiday on campsites. The feeling of freedom – the opportunity to stop and stay exactly where it is most beautiful right now, and many great outdoor moments make camping a very special holiday experience.


Camping – a little bit of freedom

Camping is becoming increasingly popular because you don’t have to do anything, but you can do lots of things. You are travelling, and you alone decide your destination. You are free to do what you want and where you want to do it.

Camping offers few comforts?

These days, a camping holiday no longer means an exercise in sacrifice. Today’s motorhomes and camper vans are extremely well-equipped. Outdated washrooms and power points that are miles away have become a rarity. Most campsites are equipped with all modern conveniences and offer plenty of leisure time activities, and a high level of relaxation and comfort.

Camping – what are the essentials?

Besides clothing and footwear (for hot days, but also for rainy weather and cool evenings), you need towels, a sleeping bag and a pillow, a wash bag filled with all the essentials, toilet paper, and a sleeping mat, air bed or camp bed.

For mealtimes, you should remember to take folding chairs and a table, a camping stove or maybe a barbecue, pots and plastic tableware plus cutlery, of course, and also barbecue tongs, salad servers or a fish slice. A few plastic food storage containers or boxes (“fredo fresh” food storage containers) in different sizes as well as a large bowl for salad are also a good idea.

A transparent plastic box (like the see-through box “cornelia“, for example) is perfect for storing your kitchen utensils; you can see the contents and it helps you to keep everything in order. You can make sure that your clean tableware stays clean with a matching lid. You should also take a “bjoerk” plastic bowl for washing the dishes, along with washing up liquid, a scourer, a washing up brush and tea towels, of course. A water container is often a good idea, as well as a roll of kitchen towel and a dustpan and brush. You should also take a washing line and a few clothes pegs, matches and several bin bags.


You should take a "bjoerk" plastic bowl for washing the dishes and a transparent plastic box (like the see-through box "cornelia", for example) for storing your kitchen utensils.
A washing up bowl like “bjoerk” is an essential piece of equipment; see-through box “cornelia” is a clean and safe place to store your tableware and cutlery.


Modern caravans and motorhomes are equipped with an integrated fridge to keep your food cool; if you are travelling by car and sleeping in a tent, you could buy a portable electric cool box or at the very least take some cooler boards with you to keep your food and drink cool and fresh. You should also remember to pack spices, salt, sugar, tea or coffee and filter papers. Of course, you can also buy most of this on or near the campsite.
It is generally a good idea to carry some tools: a rubber mallet for your tent pegs, adhesive tape, some wire, a pair of pliers, a few cable ties, a torch, a pair of household scissors and a pocket knife are all essential equipment.

Camping – here today, somewhere else tomorrow!

If you are well-organised and are also able to improvise, a camping holiday is a truly relaxing experience. Especially if you are planning to tour and stay in several different places overnight, a camper conversion (a so-called “autosleeper”) is a great idea. If everything has a home and even the smallest corners are utilised, you don’t have to unpack everything every evening and can simply arrive at your destination and relax.
Autosleepers are usually equipped with pull-out storage systems. Many things can be handily stored there in suitable boxes (for example the transport box “robert“). Kitchen utensils, food or bedding, for example, can be stored safely in storage boxes.


Autosleepers are usually equipped with pull-out storage systems. Many things can be handily stored there in suitable boxes (for example the transport box "robert").
Pull-out drawers equipped with “robert” transport boxes are a practical idea.


Camping – an experience everyone should try at least once

There are definitely many good reasons for this type of holiday. The complete flexibility with regard to your schedule and the independence are huge advantages, especially for families with children. You don’t have to keep to set mealtimes; you can self-cater and therefore save quite a bit of money. The campsites are also often situated in outstanding locations, for example near a lake or the sea, so you don’t have to walk too far.


A woman cooks her meal on a camping cooker
Improvisation is the name of the game when it comes to camping. Why not repurpose a step stool and use it as a small table?


The experience of being happy and content with fewer comforts makes us see the world from a different perspective. We spend more time outdoors and are much more aware of the climate, the light and the landscape.


Keep on camping!