Come on, we’re having a birthday party

kids party

Birthdays are always an important day for every child. But they’re even better when friends and family come to the party and have just as much fun as the birthday boy or girl.

With a bit of planning and organisation, a child’s birthday party can turn into an unforgettable event. It’s a good idea to prepare some party games to make sure the little ones don’t get bored. But don’t overdo it: experience tells us that children don’t always act according to their parents’ plans. Sometimes they just like to play together – without any planned events. So, you should always be able to improvise.

When and where should the party be Held?

The season in which a children’s party takes place is crucial for determining the type of games. Not having a large house may mean preparing party games outside the home, in parks, woods or in an indoor playground. An action-packed afternoon of fun and games can be had whatever the time of year. However, it is always important that the children can move a lot, in order to accommodate their need to run around and play.
Weather permitting, winter offers an excellent opportunity to play games in the snow. Go as sledging, build an igloo or make a snowman. Spring and summer, on the other hand, are great for races or tackling an obstacle course.

Fun games for inside and out

The true classics include hide-and-seek, hot-and-cold, egg-and-spoon races (also great with Kinder Surprise Eggs), sack races and tug-of-war – these games are popular with younger children, in particular. The most suitable games for toddlers are those with rules that are easy to explain and which last no longer than a maximum of 30 minutes.
A paper chase, or its modern equivalent geocaching – a form of treasure hunt, in which a specific hiding place must be found using a GPS – requires a bit more preparation. For toddlers, a treasure hunt in a sandpit or large sand container may be a better option.

storage container
Here, birthday guests dig up little treasures from the “cornelia” crystalbox. ( Productions)

Larger, transparent plastic boxes allow you to easily prepare games with sand or water. Apple bobbing is great fun in warm weather. A fun game suitable for slightly older children (ages 8 and up). It does take some skill to get the apple out of the water without getting completely wet. A transparent clearbox filled with water is all it takes to make wonderful snapshots as the children try to bite into the apples.

A transparent clearbox filled with water is all it takes to make wonderful snapshots as the children try to bite into the apples.
Water games are particular good in summer. For apple bobbing, all you need is a plastic tub or the “bea” clearbox. (

More fun can be had with water bombs or with games in the garden pool. Of course, these require that the children bring a change of clothes or a bathing costume. Water games should be supervised at all times by an adult who can intervene if necessary.

Children’s birthday parties Indoors:

There are loads of other games you can play indoors. One option, the balloon dance, is very popular and requires two children to dance together whilst holding a balloon between them (either between their foreheads, stomachs or even more difficult: their backs) at the same time. Do you remember musical chairs? All you need is several chairs but always one less chair than there are children. The kids run around the chairs, one after the other in a ring, to the sound of party music. Then, when the music is suddenly switched off, all the children have to sit on a chair as fast as possible. Of course, there is always one child left standing, who then has to sit the rest of the game out. Anyone who wins the last seat in the tough duel at the end of the game can look forward to a small prize.


birthday party game
Many action games can be played in the home. (


Successful children’s birthday parties never fail to raise excitement. Depending on the age and number of guests, an hour of arts and crafts can calm overexcited children and allow for some winding down. Crafts with natural materials are very popular. but making small works of art out of cardboard and paper also requires little effort but of course the children may take them home at the end. Another option is cooking or baking together.


More games for children’s birthdays

• Bowling or bean bag toss
• Eating games
• Chinese whispers, Taboo
• Football, balloon dance
• Parlour games as part of a competition

Party bags

• Sweets in suitable click-boxes ( “lucas”) (can later be used as lunch boxes)
• Small toys
• Homemade medals
• Small packs of felt pens, chalk or dough

When the end of the birthday party comes and the little ones say goodbye with shining eyes whilst your own children fall into bed happy and exhausted – you know you’ve done a good job.

Keep enjoying your party!