baby check list for parents-to-be

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the time with the first baby is like an emotional roller coaster. it’s exciting and thrilling, stressful and therapeutic, challenging and inspiring. to put it in a nutshell: it’s simply a very special time. parents-to-be often worry a lot about the layette “must-haves”. we would like to help with the organization and thus have summarized a few items that are needed when preparing for the arrival of a new baby.

having a child means plenty of change.

Initially, some simple things are enough to make your child happy. A baby bed, a darkening curtain for the afternoon nap and a nappy-changing table already simplify life quite a lot. However, needless to say, things like a nappy-bin, baby bath and travel mat are still to be added.
The bigger the child, the more “must-haves” are still to be added. The independent hygiene in the bathroom will become more and more important so that a few aids work real wonders.

child potty, toilet training seat and step stools.

adamewa and igor have everything your child needs for developing well and becoming independent. To make your child smile, we have decorated these products with pretty motifs.

Especially the very popular Disney character Winnie the Pooh and his friend Tigger are sure to add some colour and good spirits to your daily life. Because, as our favourite bear once said so nicely: “Sometimes the smallest things take the biggest place in your heart.”

We start with our potty adam. It helps children forget their nappy in no time and get used to the potty. Thanks to its anti-slip function, adam also always remains in the right position.

Then, of course, a real toilet also becomes important later on and, to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible, we have ewa for your little one. Our children’s toilet seat is simply placed on top of the toilet and gives your child the support and confidence needed during the first attempts.

Last but not least, we would still like to recommend you our igor. With this step stool, your little one can reach everything safely – no matter if it is a basin, shelf of bath tub.

Apart from Winnie the Pooh, adamewa and igor are available in many other colourful motifs. There are a lot of members of the Disney family such as Mickey and Minnie, Cars, Frozen or Finding Dory. Just choose your favorite hero and bring joy to your home.

another keeeper tip for the children’s room.

With our practical storage boxes, the children’s room doesn’t only look much prettier; it also helps keep things tidy every day. How do we do it? Well, with our tidying up game. Here you can read everything about it.