Finally autumn – Deco ideas in warm autumn colours

It´s the autumn season and we enjoy the colours of the bright, colourful deciduous trees. Autumn is the ideal time to bring nature into the house. Let nature inspire you and create an autumnal ambience in your house and garden.
With flowers in shades of yellow and red, your entrance area gets an autumnal update.

Herstliche Dekoration vor der Haustür
With flowers in shades of yellow and red, your entrance area gets an autumnal update..


Especially in autumn the world of flowers and plants has a lot to offer and the colours are perfect for atmospheric decorations.

With a few natural materials and a little skill, you can quickly conjure up an autumnal decoration which, in rich yellow and red shades, is a ray of hope even on grey days. Autumn decorations are anything but monotonous.

Besides pumpkins, autumn decorations also include acorns, cones and chestnuts. During an extensive walk in the forest you will find the most beautiful materials for an autumnal ambience..

For example, the following materials can be used for a natural autumn decoration:

  • acorns, chestnuts, decorative pumpkins, nuts, fir cones, tree barks, small branches, twigs or roots
  • Succulents, Christmas roses, physalis, ornamental cabbage, berries on twigs, pampas grasses
  • moss, colourful foliage, ivy, lattice cabbage, rose hips
  • dried flowers, straw
  • rough jute tape, rough felt strips

A door wreath made of dried flowers, colourful leaves or berries can be easily made by yourself with a little skill and can thus embellish your house entrance.

tablet "loota" with winter Decoration
The low lifestyle box “lotta” is ideal for an autumnal arrangement.


An ingenious solution for indoors or outdoors is a sturdy tray (here lotta), which can be idyllically arranged with moss, lanterns and small potted plants.
With some moss and small succulents in the glass, berry twigs and ivy, the flat lifestyle box becomes an autumnal eye-catcher. Thanks to the robust plastic, the autumnal ensemble can also be set up decoratively outside. In addition, small fairy lights or candles can also be used to provide atmospheric lighting and a cosy atmosphere.

The look should be rustic and natural.

“Back to Nature” is the motto. Creative vintage and casual arranging of materials is the focus of the decoration trends 2020

plantpots wrapped with bark
Simple containers made of plastic (here bruni and mia polar) become a rustic flower pot when wrapped with bark and moss.

Often the type of vase plays a major role to show off a bouquet of flowers to its best advantage. A simple container such as the round freshness box mia polar can be easily wrapped rustically with large pieces of tree bark and thus serves as a creative vase or flower pot.

Sunny orange, spicy curry and rich berry tones

Every year autumn shows us anew how harmonious and cosy the interplay of the autumn colours is and what a cosy atmosphere they create. In flower arrangements and bouquets you can play with these colours very well. Decorative dry bouquets are also among the floral trendsetters this year. These sustainable flower arrangements are particularly durable.
We have arranged our bouquet in a small lifestyle box “lotta“. With decorative cabbage, rose hips, lampion flowers and casually wrapped with grasses, a magical, bright autumn bouquet is created.

Wir haben unseren Strauß in einer kleinen Lifestylebox „lotta“ angerichtet.
Lifestyle box “lotta” is ideal as a decorative flower pot.

There are so many beautiful things to discover in nature. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the autumnal season.

Keep on decorating!