Create your own advent calendar

advent calendar
handmade advent calendar

How about a colourful advent calendar that can be hung decoratively on the wall and can come out again next year?

Using four sets of small fredo fresh food storage containers, with a bit of skill you can create a decorative advent calendar in just one hour.

You will need 4 sets of fredo fresh 90 ml containers. This will give you 24 small tubs. In addition, you will need a picture frame measuring 40 cm x 50 cm. Then remove the glass and paint the back panel of the frame white. We recommend an acrylic paint or varnish.


Advent calendar and accessories


In the meantime, you can print out the templates for the covers and cut them out neatly.
Normal paper will be just fine, but for those wanting a more glossy finish, print them out on photo paper. Using a couple of drops of super glue, quickly stick the printed and cut out cover templates down.

When the painted (or rolled) back panel is dry, use a ruler and pencil to measure out the box for the containers. Using the pencil and ruler, measure out a 28 cm x 42 cm area. The finely marked rectangle should be drawn in the centre of the white back panel so that the edges above and on the sides are approx. 11 cm wide.
Now it’s time to use the glue gun. Glue the containers (without lids) along the top line.


accessoires to create an advent calendar

Now simply fill and put the lids on.
Now the Advent season can come. Keep on decorating!

Download – printing template-advent calendar