Do you already know the additional training in commercial EU competence of the IHK? Here you can find out what it is and what you have to do for it.

Sie hat die kaufmännische EU-Kompetenz

hello, my name is sabrina and i am currently in the third year of my training as an industrial clerk. during the training at keeeper it is possible to obtain an additional qualification in cooperation with the vocational school and the chamber of commerce and industry (ihk), the so-called ‚eu competence‘. today i would like to tell you about my experiences.

the additional qualification commercial eu competence offers the opportunity to prepare specifically for foreign trade processes within the eu and to obtain a further professional qualification. in the course of globalisation, professional cooperation with other european business partners is becoming increasingly important. after passing the exams, you can call yourself an eu business administrator.

in order to obtain this certificate, one has to take additional exams:

In the second year of training there are examinations in English, one written and one oral. You will have additional English lessons to prepare for the exams.
In the written examination, there are five different areas of responsibility to be dealt with. The exam consists of a business letter of any kind, a telephone memo, a cloze, a listening comprehension exercise and an e-mail to be written.
In the oral examination, two subject areas must be mastered. On the one hand, this includes a conversation about yourself, your interests and other personal questions. The second part consists of a telephone conversation that you have to hold from another room with the examiners in English.


the end of the third year of my apprenticeship

I had a written and an oral examination on the subjects of foreign trade and foreign economics. In order to prepare for this, you will have three hours of additional lessons from the second year of apprenticeship onwards. More informations

gain professional experience abroad

But the highlight of this additional qualification is of course that we are allowed to go abroad for 6 weeks. I completed my internship at our subsidiary in Poland. During this time I communicated with the Polish colleagues in English. During my time there, I was employed in product management and marketing. This was very interesting, because the children’s care products are made in Bydgoszcz.
At the beginning I was worried that it might get boring for me or that I would not have much to do. But in retrospect I can say that it was very interesting to work at our second location and to get to know it. I was also assigned many tasks which I was allowed to work on independently or in cooperation with colleagues.

At the beginning I was unsure how I would like it otherwise. Will I be comfortable there? Will I be homesick?
At first it was hard to be all alone and so far away from home. But today I can say that it is a great experience to be on your own for a while. I had a small apartment at my disposal and had to cater for myself. I have found that you become much more independent if you have to take care of household and shopping all by yourself.

experience professional and private impressions

Hafen in Danzig

On weekends I was able to explore the country: here, for example, Gdansk

Besides the Polish colleagues, who gave me a warm welcome, Poland is also a very interesting country. In Poland you can find very beautiful and historical cities. My favourite was Gdansk, because it is located directly at the Baltic Sea and the old town is beautiful. So the weekends were also filled with new impressions and experiences and it never got boring.

On the whole, it was an ideal opportunity to become more independent and improve your language skills. There is really only one thing you can gain: experience, independence and language skills.
I can understand that people are afraid to approach such an elaborate additional qualification. But by sharing my experience with you now, I hope to motivate more students to take up this challenge.

keep on trying!

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