5 storage tips for bea & cornelia

the cornelia & bea storage systems are versatile, useful boxes, tidying everything up and making our lives easier. here are a couple of tips! sound familiar? the shoe cupboard is nearly overflowing; shoes and even more shoes…

You’ve already started thinking about whether it’s worth buying another similar piece of furniture to house the rest of the shoes.

After all, there are often little gems hidden inside that are rarely even needed – but still kept for special occasions and holidays. This is what makes the bea clearbox a fantastic alternative:

The sorted shoes are thoroughly cleaned and must be dry, scrunched up newspaper or a shoe tree keeping the leather beautifully smooth. Then into the box!

On a practical side, it’s easy to stack several boxes on top of one another and store them away in the cupboard, on top of the cabinet or in the loft.

farewell to winter clothes! summer is on its way!

One thing to consider when storing winter clothes:
Clothing should be washed, well dried and neatly folded, then into the box it goes.
The cornelia storage box keeps dust out and protects wool jumpers from moths.
A dry place protected from the light is most suitable. Ideally, a spot in the wardrobe in the bedroom or in dry storage would be best.

where does guest bed linen go? – where do the winter blankets go once spring arrives?

If the blankets and pillows do need to go away for a bit then it’s best to store them in the cornelia keeeper crystal boxes. The boxes fit nicely under the pull-out sofa in the guest bedroom, in the loft or in the cupboard and can be taken out again quickly when needed.

order in the kids’ room – quick and child-friendly

When asked why they don’t tidy up, children often said, “I don’t know where to put it,” or, “There’s nowhere for it to go”.

The transparent bea plastic boxes with lids are a quick solution. From the outside, you can see which toys are in the box. Whether it’s large boxes for Lego bricks and Barbie things or small storage aids for cooking utensils that can be tucked away under the kids’ cooker, for example.

what’s the best way to store cuts of fabric, ribbon and other paraphernalia?

The transparent cornelia plastic containers protect fabric and ingredients from moisture, dirt and dust in a safe and tidy manner, as well as making it easy to find things when you need them.


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