1 product, 5 styles – lotta is tidying up the room


does that sound familiar? when you combine your favourite trousers with different tops, the trousers look different. they still look good, but something’s different. of course this also works with other items of clothing. by the way, what has been practised in perfection in the fashion world for a very long time, also works indoors, when it comes to our organization aids.

The lovely Birgit from the blog www.emmabee.de has developed 5 different organisational ideas with our lotta lifestyle box. Here, she demonstrates lotta’s versatility in the own home and how the lotta look varies, depending on the living environment. We recommend you carry on reading and simply convince yourself.

*** Guest contribution ***

If I were forced to give the year 2017 a motto, then ORDER would surely rank among the top 3. I have busied myself with these 5 letters in the past months more than ever before. My personal tidy-up challenge, which I started in January this year, did not only leave my house looking much tidier within a few weeks; the big spring clean simultaneously triggered something in my head. With every little and large area I tidied up, cleared out and redesigned, I always asked myself the same question: WHAT and HOW MUCH do I need for a good life? What is really important and what is not? And how do I create more clarity for myself and my family and a clearer overview within our own 4 walls?

The problems to date: we all have too much of everything. We have too much clothing and too many shoes; too many books; too many odds and ends; too many toys and, definitely more than enough kitchen utensils. Apart from all of this TOO MUCH, we have much too little storage space. This is because we live in an old farm house, without a cellar for storing things and, unfortunately, also without any easily accessible loft. So, we live with all of our stuff, day in and day out. It’s all around us, taking up every free space and often leading to disorder, chaos and a lacking overview.

In May, when I received an e-mail from keeper inviting me to the “keepiteasy” creative order challenge, I didn’t need to think twice. Perfect timing, perfect topic! For everyone who doesn’t know keeeper: the company with the four “e” produces affordable household products that are fun to use and offer tidiness and order in pretty packaging. My favourite: the lifestyle box lotta, a little all-round talent with impressive benefits. The possible uses of this pretty lifestyle box are almost countless, because lotta boxes can be stored inside of one another, thereby saving space, or they can stacked on top of one another when turned at an angle of ninety degrees.

Today I would like to show you 5 tried-and-tested tidying-up ideas that have improved the tidiness and overview of things in our home. Accompanying this, you’ll find a printable document that will help you allocate a clear purpose for the boxes. Thanks to the little name tags, every family member, big or small, now knows what is in the box. Not only does this greatly simplify searching for things; it also makes tidying up afterwards much easier.

the handicraft cabinet.


We have a handicraft cabinet in our passage, which is used day in, day out. A creative mother and 3 daughters who love handicrafts use it many times a day, because they’re always looking for a pair of scissors, paintbrushes, paper and other utensils. Establishing order, and especially keeping things tidy, used to be a mammoth task because somehow nothing had a clear place. As a result, the material always ended up placed somewhere else, making the chaos even bigger. Here lotta was put to the test for the first time. So that the contents are recognisable at first glance, I gave the boxes simple labels that provide information on the content and are also easy to identify for the little ones. For handicraft utensils like scissors, glues, coloured pencils, beads & co., I find lotta ideal in the size: 19.5 x 14 x 10 cm.

the entrance area.


Most of the time, you will find a crazy mess of shoes, jackets, school bags, bicycle helmets and some hobby utensils like riding gear, ballet items and the bag with the swimming stuff in our entrance area. More often than not, we also have a mountain of deposit and returnable bottles right in the centre, as well as waste glass that urgently reminds me to take it along when I go shopping the next time. I guess I don’t have to explain how “unpretty” this mountain of bottles in shopping baskets used to look. So I am all the happier that I now also have another tidy area, thanks to lotta. The 3 boxes in the size: 40 x 28 x 25 cm seem customised on the cabinet in the passage and now provide a very pretty home to all the empty plastic and glass containers, in my opinion. Thanks to the label, the content of the boxes is immediately clear and as soon as one of the storage boxes threatens to overflow, it’s simply placed in the car and emptied accordingly. I am really amazed how good and care-free this works and how tidy the passage looks now. Well, at least at a height of 2 metres ;-).

the kitchen.


I really love the wooden chuck wagon in our large eat-in kitchen. Not only because it offers space for everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else, but also because it’s the very first thing you catch sight of when you enter the kitchen. To make sure that the storage space of this piece of furniture doesn’t stay unused, I used to have 6 rattan baskets in it. Somehow this looked pretty but, unfortunately, wasn’t practical. Since the baskets were so high, it was impossible to identify the content. The result: we always had to start searching when we were looking for something. What is more, a whole lot of dust gathered in the wicker wood (not to mention food that had already expired), which could only be removed with great effort. How wonderfully practical that lotta is available in so many different versions and sizes, because the box with the dimensions: 35.5 x 23.5 x 20 cm also fits in here brilliantly. The really nice thing about this: the chuck wagon now looks really tidy and, at the same time, you can identify the container’s content at a glance, without having to pull out the whole box. What is more, the storage boxes are really tough. This means they are highly scratch-proof and definitely not hydrophobic. Here I also made 6 labels that provide information on the content of the boxes.


the mini office.


Because I work from home and have a toddler and 2 school kids around me a lot of the time, I am a time-window working mom. As soon as have a few minutes of relative privacy, I seize the moment and try to finish some small or medium-large matters. To do this quickly and in an uncomplicated manner, I have made myself a mini office. When I say mini office, I don’t mean a room but this little workflow tower consisting of 3 lottas, containing the most urgent documents (to do), a “done” drawer (filing) and the most important office utensils like a punch, glue, staples, pens, PostIt’s, etc. (office). This tower is always ready for use, standing around somewhere. With it, I can also walk through the house, if necessary, and take a seat here and there for a few minutes. By the way, apart from the desk, the window sill is also one of my favourite workplaces, because the view is really pretty and, with my 3-storey mini office, I am perfectly equipped. Here, the boxes in the size: 37 x 28 x 6.5 cm are perfect.

the bathroom.

kee Beitrag lotta DIY05

Last but not least, lotta has also found its place in our bathroom, where it got things tidied up. While many things in our bathroom already have a fixed place, I was still missing a clearly-ordered and appealing order solution for 3 things that are not needed every day but still can be stored better than in the past: countless nail polishes, travel cosmetics & samples, as well as all the carnival make-up one collects with 3 daughters. How nice that there also is a matching lotta box for these items with the perfect size: (28 x 21 x 6.5 cm), and they also fit perfectly into our bathroom cupboard. Here, too, a few small labels that have been stuck on ensure tidiness at a glance.

I am really happy that lotta has moved in with us, and I am already thinking of many new ideas on how I could use them in all of the other rooms, e.g. in the children’s rooms. There I still have a major tidy-up construction site that I definitely want to tackle at the start of the summer holidays.


The labels that you can stick onto your products to better allocate the content at a glance, can be downloaded here:  http://emmabee.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Printable.pdf

A big thank you to Birgit for these lovely tidying ideas with lotta.